After spending almost 20 years in a variety of corporate leadership roles working with colleagues across 40+ countries, it was time for me to make a career pivot.  Too often, I found myself questioning how organizations and businesses could be more conscious and purpose-driven.  I also questioned how we as leaders can explore our social interactions on a deeper and more emotional level within our organizations.  With this awakened path, we can transform into more conscious leaders and organizations that are all interconnected to better serve humanity.

Whether economically, environmentally, technologically or socially, the solutions often sought after as leaders and organizations are no longer straight forward. It is becoming more difficult to operate within the problem-solving models of the past if we want to evolve not only as individuals, but as a global society.  Leaders will need to transform and embrace not only new technologies but also other behavioral sciences, philosophical and spiritual mindsets to help to navigate those shades of grey. 

By combining practical business and life experience with coaching techniques, decision-making models, neuroscience, psychology, philosophy and spirituality, I support leaders embark on life-changing transformations. As leaders become more conscious and aware of themselves, they become capable of leading from within and making even greater contributions to their organizations and our world.